Diversity Theatre


No company is immune from sexual harassment, racial problems, gender bias, foul language, and other personal prejudices. Virtually everyone has had problems with employees having altercations due to these and many other issues.

Now there is an effective way to deal with race relations, sexual harassment, and all other diversity issues in your workplace. Your choices for diversity awareness don't have to be limited to video presentations, "preaching," and dry lectures.

"Some people talk in their sleep. Lecturers talk while other people sleep"
-Albert Camus

KMR Diversity Theatre is virtually guaranteed to keep each and every one of your employees' attention in an entertaining and revolutionary way. Our scenes feature common workplace situations and the alternatives we present effectively demonstrate real life solutions. Each scene is followed by keynote address, audience facilitation and an interactive group dynamics program.

KMR DiversityTheatre can be tailored to fit any business environment, school, or special events with customized original material.

Educational - Entertaining - Challenging - Innovative - Experiential