Diversity Theatre - Shows


A show to fit your particular needs can be drawn from the following list of interchangeable scenes. Many new scenes are developed regularly and may not reflect on this list.

Client Assumptions (8 minutes)
A lawyer whose social skills are not on par with her otherwise superb professional skills meets with a potential client and automatically assumes that because he is a white male, he will not object to her frank, racist and bigoted comments.

Target Market (7 minutes)
A female executive deliberately marginalizes her minority clients and vendors. Despite being given sensible advice to expand her "whites only" market viewpoint, she shuts down anyone who disagrees with her narrow-minded view, using ethnic slurs and insults. White collar setting.

The List (7 minutes)
Three executives of mixed ethnicities discuss ideas to save the company money. All of their cost-cutting items have an undercurrent of prejudice and partisanship to them, but the execs don't recognize it until a middle-management representative articulates it to them. White collar setting. Strong audience interaction required.

Jelly Beans (5 minutes)
A manager struggles with the correct way to handle a complaint by a staff member. By not using the direct approach to the issue, she reveals her own stereotypical thinking and prejudices.

Rumor Ruin (5 minutes)
Jealousy over a job promotion leads to inappropriate comments, sexual innuendo, and physical and verbal assault between a male and female employee in the same department. Combined blue collar/white collar setting. Contains sexual remarks and physical contact.

Girl Talk (5 minutes)
An after-work conversation between two women who are bemoaning the way male employees treat them leads to physical confrontation towards an innocent male employee when the "sisters" decide to take things into their own hands. Contains inappropriate physical contact and mild language.

Reverse Roles (5 minutes)
A clueless male employee gets a lesson in "thinking before you speak" when a female employee challenges him to speak to another man the way he speaks to her. White or blue collar setting. Covers sexual stereotypes.

Black & White (8 minutes)
A white woman overhears two black men using derogatory "ethnic-speak" with each other in jest, and thinks that it gives her license to speak that way to her black female co-worker. Blue collar setting. Contains ethnic slurs.

Insult Tag (7 minutes)
In a brainstorming meeting, four diverse employees insult, demoralize, and slander each other while trying to come up with solutions for "a better work environment." Blue or white collar setting. Contains ethnic slurs and sexual stereotyping.

Break Room Banter (7 minutes)
Ignoring everyone else in the break room, a white male and a white female banter back and forth using profanities until a black male objects, then reveals his own set of prejudices. Blue or white collar setting (with slight adjustments). Contains ethnic slurs, profanity, and sexual comments.

Emerging Markets (7 minutes)
A group of managers are preparing their budgets for the upcoming year. Part of their charge is to convince upper management to continue allocating money towards their diversity initiatives. Useful information to help build a Case for Diversity. Highly interactive.

Just Like Letterman (3 minutes)
The Top 10 List of prevalent issues or situations within an organization. Customized to fit each company. Blue or white collar.

Ignorance is Not Bliss (1 minutes) or Is that Right? (2 minutes)
Unintentional discriminating behaviors are exhibited through a series of pointed comments. Comments contributed by various resources from real-life conversations.

The Usual Things (25 minutes straight through or 75 minutes total run)
A loan officer realizes his prejudices and stereotypical thinking through reliving a typical day in his life through a conversation with a psychiatrist.

It's Such an Inconvenience (25 minutes)
Racial stereotypes are revealed among close friends (all white) at a gathering before a televised boxing match; and the struggle of one friend to challenge the others about their prejudices and racist attitudes.

It's Your Call (60 minutes total run)
Two television show hosts interview potential candidates and organizations to assist in the process of building diversity within a board or group. In the process of the interview, issues of exclusion, stereotypes, and definition of diversity emerge as the hosts and guests dialogue. The show is performed in three segments with audience interaction between each segment.

Board Walk (7 minutes)
A very diverse group of board members struggle with issues of communications, language barrier, personal prejudices and judgments as they convene to make decisions on an upcoming project.

Industry Specific Scenes

Frightening Behavior (5 minutes)
Library Hang-ups (7 minutes)
By the Book (8 minutes)

Issues of respect and dignity arise as library staffers make assumptions, stereotypes, and judgments on a variety of patrons with diverse background including ethnic, socio-economic, mental disability, gender, and family status.

ESL (2 minutes)
Did You Hear Something? (2 minutes)

Customer service suffers when staffers ignore requests, questions, and comments from non-English (ESL) speaking customers. Negative stereotypes and discrimination are reflected in these staffers' treatment of customers they believe to be 'different'.

Mary, Jesus, Joseph (4 minutes)
Two male employees are in the break room describing their workday. Others in the room can hear their conversation. Their conversation reveals their sexism, intolerance for religious beliefs, lack of dignity and respect for others, and strong sexual innuendos. The conversation turns into a heated debate with others in the break room. Before long all in the room (participants included) are asked to participate in settling the argument.

Coach Me (5 minutes)
Student Pass (6 minutes)
Trumping (7 minutes)

Coaches, teachers and administrators are faced with complicated issues regarding students' sexual orientation, religious beliefs, sexist behaviors, and racial incidents in their day-to-day interaction with students. Their own prejudices and stereotypes are revealed as they sit around the teacher's lounge to unwind.

Home-A-Loan/Profiles of Success (Total run 75 minutes)
Two separate scenes are linked as we watch a mortgage company's 'harmless' games to profile successful applicants affect a family and the family's struggle with other discriminations from realtors and lenders. The show is performed in three segments with audience interaction between each segment.